USP Finasteride Pharma Powder Materials Propecia Hair Regrowth Drops Proscar Hair Loss Treatment Chemicals

USP Finasteride Propecia Hair Regrowth Drops Proscar Hair Loss Treatment Chemicals

USP Finasteride Propecia Hair Regrowth Drops Proscar Hair Loss Treatment Chemicals

Finasteride Basic Info:
CAS No: 98319-26-7
Molecular Formula: C23H36N2O2
Molecular Weight: 372.5441
Appearance: White or almost white crystalline solid
we supply Purity 99% Min Finasteride Chemical Materials in Raw Powder form.

What is Finasteride ?

Finasteride is a popular 5-alpha reductase inhibitor best known by the trade names Proscar and Propecia. Both of which are manufactured by Merck. While similar in action, the two Finasteride products were developed for different reasons. Proscar first hit the market in 1992 in an effort to treat hyperplasia or prostate enlargement. The Finasteride compound would then be released in 1997 under the Propecia brand name in an effort to combat male pattern baldness. While the two common Finasteride products are similar, Proscar is much stronger and contains nearly five times the amount of Finasteride than Propecia.

Finasteride API raws Powder chemical test specifications:

Application of Finasteride :

Finasteride is officially classified as a Type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. The human body carries two types of reductase enzymes, Type I and Type II with Type II being responsible for approximately 2/3 of all circulating dihydrotestosterone in the body. The Type II enzyme is primarily found in the scalp and prostate, and to a degree the skin. By introducing a Type II 5-alpha reductase inhibitor such as Finasteride, we now inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme’s ability to metabolize specific hormones. In the case of Finasteride, the hormone we are trying to inhibit is DHT. Finasteride is a very effective 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, one of the best if not the very best. However, due to the androgen imbalance that is possible due to use it is generally recommended that it is only used when absolutely necessary. A prime example of necessary use would be in the fight against prostate enlargement, which it is very effective at combating. For those who are fighting genetic hair loss, it can help, but the androgen imbalance may make you feel a little off for lack of a better word. Then we’re left with the anabolic steroid user, and there’s something important that needs to be said.

Finasteride dose reviews:

For the purpose of combating hair loss, standard Finasteride doses will be 1mg per day with Finasteride doses reaching 5mg per day in order to combat prostate enlargement. For the purpose of combating the androgenic side effects of specific anabolic steroid use, Finasteride doses will be 1mg per day during steroid use.

While Finasteride use can be beneficial during anabolic steroid use, keep in mind it only works for the steroids discussed above. Further, the use of Finasteride along with Testosterone, Methyltestosterone or Fluoxymesterone can severely diminish the results and effectiveness of such steroids. This will lead the individual to only use the inhibitor when absolutely necessary; if not, there really is no point in his anabolic steroid use. It should also be noted, while Finasteride will have no affect on DHT compounds and can increase the androgenicity of Nandrolone and Trenbolone, it will have a very moderate to no androgenic reducing effect on Boldenone (Equipoise) and Methandrostenolone (Dianabol).

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